Testimonials From Visitors of Uptown

?Best neighborhood in Minneapolis?
I absolutely love this neighborhood, more eclectic restaurants and activities than one can imagine. The food, the people, the atmosphere, I can go on and on. If you feel like walking around a friendly down to earth neighborhood and getting some good food while you’re at it–this is the place. Wear some good walking shoes and come with an empty stomach. Smile.

?Fabulous for the Young, but We Oldies like it, too!?

This is such a fun neighborhood. Great for strolling, fun restaurants, interesting shopping, and move theaters that show indie films. This is the place we go when we want to go out and have a new experience. There is always something new and interesting in the Uptown area. If the quality of a place is lacking, or the place is not on trend, you can see it quickly replaced with something new. The places that stay on top of things and offer something really good stay open for years. This is just a hopping place. We are in our 60’s and love the Uptown area.

?one of my favorite parts of Minneapolis?
The uptown area has everything I want: great apartments and condos, a large population of young post-college single professionals, great restaurants (try Chino Latino), two movie theaters, live music, and upscale shopping. Best of all, you are also in the chain-of-lakes area, where four city lakes are connected by channels, and they have beautiful walking/biking paths. It is also close to the downtown and well-served by buses. I spent many years living there, and loved it

?Great district with an eclectic flair!?
I have always loved the variety and charm of the Uptown area. The wide variety of the shops, galleries, and eateries always keeps things interesting and entertaining!!!

?Absolutely love Uptown!?
I’ve always loved Uptown. The atmosphere is fun, upscale, and hip (wow, do people say that anymore?). So many little shops- expensive shops, but very cool nonetheless. Their art fair is absolutely the best; when I lived in Minnesota, I always tried to make it to the fair and was very disappointed if I had conflicting plans. Lake Calhoun, Comedy Sportz, Burger Jones and Wakame, love it all!

?Uptown girl?
I live for a year in Minneapolis, unfortunately not in Uptown, but I think that half of my time I spent it there. It is just the best place to hang around, you have everything there: restaurants, coffee shops, fast food, clothes store, supermarkets… you find really nice and also unique people. One of my main reasons to want to go back to Minneapolis is this magical place, uptown

?Great area!?
I’m in Minneapolis several times a year and I always go to the Uptown area. It has shops, great restaurants and little cafes. Lund’s isn’t just a grocery store — they have a little bit of everything. There are some cool home decor stores and one of the used bookstores in town. In the warmer months it’s a quick walk from Lake Calhoun. Love it!

?A Fun Place to Spend Some Time?

We spent a few hours in Uptown enjoying the shopping and then had dinner. Uptown has some great new stores and we enjoyed spending some time walking through them. Goorin’s Hat Shop is located here and it is the only Goorin’s in Minnesota so is definitely a fun place to check out. The restaurant choices are amazing and the vibe is great! There is plenty of street parking and you are right near Lake Calhoun so you can go enjoy the paths around the lake when you are done in Uptown!

?Lots to do?
Whether you like to shop, eat, browse books, catch a movie, go bowling, or find a fabulous happy hour, this is the place for everyone. It is a young and trendy crowd, but it is a diverse area of Minneapolis and you won’t be bored. In the summer it is very crowded, be warned that waits for roof-top decks and patios can be over an hour long. Maybe walk to Lake Calhoun to pass the time.

?One of the best neighborhoods in Minneapolis?

If you’re looking for a fun, hip place to live or visit, Uptown is it. There are tons of amazing restaurants and bars all within a few blocks walk. The Lagoon and Uptown theaters have independent films, Bryant Lake Bowl has great food and drinks… plus you’re only a 5 minute walk to the lakes! Perfect any time of year.